Comparing Energy Evaluation and EcoDesigner STAR

Availability By default in every ARCHICAD 18 FULL, TRIAL and EDU Add-on for all versions of ARCHICAD 18;
currently in AUS, BR, CA, DK, FIN, HU, S, NL, EE, SA, UK, LT, SI, USA
Standard Compliance NA ASHRAE 140-2007, ASHRAE 90.1-2007 (LEED Energy)
Workflow Limited input, Compliant simulation technology, Limited report content Compliant input, Compliant simulation technology, Compliant report content
BIM geometry and material property data export other than IFC NA gbXML, PHPP, iSBEM, VIP-Energy
Thermal Bridge Simulation NA Energy Flow and Thermal Imaging on the ARCHICAD 18 Detail
Building Systems Basic Dialog only Basic or Expert Dialog options
On-site Renewables NA Solar Photovoltaic and Wind Energy
Performance Rating NA Export/Import of PLN as Baseline Building, Automated Model Rotation and Recalculation (optional) Comparative Calculation
PDF Report Simplified: Project Data only Detailed: Project and Thermal Block Data, Performance Rating Results
XLS Report Simplified: Monthly Results, Project Data only Detailed: Monthly, Weekly and Hourly Results, Project and Thermal Block Data, Performance Rating Results
Results Comparison NA Baseline Building, Baseline Performance, Baseline Energy Costs
Additional Report Data NA Thermal Block Key Values, Thermal Block Energy Balance, Daily Temp. Profile, HVAC Design Data, Renewable Energy Sources, Performance Rating Table, Energy Consumption and Savings

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