ARCHICAD Customer Feedback
Excellent customer experiences and outcomes are pivotal here at Graphisoft. We are extremely proud of the level of service we provide to our clients and the diverse range of courses designed by our experts.

We always welcome feedback from our delegates and thank those who have submitted their comments. If you are thinking of using our training for the first time, we are sure the testimonials from existing customers will give you a good impression of our services.

Tailored Training:

  • “Training has been excellent and has allowed me to move at my own pace”
  • “Very Knowledgeable Instructor”
  • “Tailored to our specific needs and requirement – very useful”
  • “Very adaptive course, worked with each skill set”
  • “Trainer has tailored the content to suit my profession, and used examples which enabled easy explanation relevant to me”

Essentials Training:

  • “Very personable and informative”
  • “Very Detailed and useful”
  • “Succinct and easy to understand”
  • “ARCHICAD is new software to me, so the content and format have really helped understand the potential of the program”

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