BIMcloud for IT Professionals


BIMcloud scalability supports any type of workload. Upgrading BIMcloud servers on the fly or adding new server resources as needed will not interrupt the office’s productivity in any way. Design projects can be moved between BIMcloud servers if necessary.

BIMcloud operates on any level of data security and is easily deployed in public and private cloud environments. It supports HTTP, HTTPS and VPN protocols as well. These industry standard protocols have been developed to ensure secure cloud connections and BIMcloud is compatible with these.

BIMcloud can be kept running 24/7. The BIMcloud self-diagnostics monitor the server’s performance, resources and the overall health of the system. Instant reports can be displayed, and notifications received via email.

The BIMcloud functions on standard hardware; no expensive hardware or software is required to run BIMcloud and to host large projects. The Internet connection speed can be optimized on location and multiple addresses can be set to the same server to ensure the most effective connection speed from any location.

BIMcloud integrates into the corporate environment allowing IT personnel to centrally manage users and data access. The company's existing corporate user directory can be integrated to BIMcloud via the industry-standard LDAP protocol. This eliminates user management overhead for the existing IT personnel. BIMcloud login credentials are automatically synchronized with company login credentials for email or network domain access.

BIMcloud helps IT managers with advanced, easy-to-perform backup and restore features. Fully automated, scheduled backups can be created from the entire BIMcloud server installation and project databases. Manual backups may also be performed if necessary. The entire BIMcloud server environment can be restored from the backups with a few clicks.

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