BIMcloud Frequently Asked Questions



BIMcloud allows a BIM workflow on any network, hardware or software configuration, connecting architectural design teams, engineers, consultant and building projects of any size or setup 24/7.

BIMcloud is a fully-fledged cloud-based collaboration solution that can be deployed in any public or private network environment.

Currently, only GRAPHISOFT products such as ARCHICAD and BIMx can be directly connected to BIMcloud. However full BIM projects can be aggregated and coordinated in BIMcloud using the IFC connection and the MEP Modeler functionality of ARCHICAD.

The GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud consists of one central BIMcloud Manager, any number of BIMcloud Servers and any number of BIMcloud Clients (ARCHICAD, BIMx etc.) connected through the BIMcloud Manager. BIMcloud can be deployed on premise or in any private or public cloud platforms, and can be integrated with centrally managed company IT systems (e.g. “Active Directory”).

The BIMcloud Manager is the central component of the GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud Solutions that takes care of connecting all other components regardless of location (i.e. across the office, across town or around the world). BIMcloud Manager itself is free of BIM data. It contains only a single integrated list of all BIMcloud Servers, BIMcloud Projects and BIMcloud users with their defined roles and permissions.



The BIMcloud Servers store and serve the BIM projects for ARCHICAD, BIMx (and the future other) clients.

BIM projects can be freely moved between BIMcloud Servers within the same BIMcloud.      

BIMcloud Server hardware can be freely altered without any interruption to the workflow of clients.     

BIM project data is exclusively stored and managed by the particular BIMcloud Server where the shared project is located.     

The BIMcloud Clients can access and manipulate the BIM project data from the BIMcloud Servers through the BIMcloud Manager’s interface. BIMcloud Clients can be computers in the office, mobile computers or mobile devices (i.e. tablets or smartphones, etc.) in any location.



BIMcloud Basic is free of charge but has a limited feature set compared to BIMcloud. BIMcloud Basic activation requires GRAPHISOFT ID.

The BIMcloud licensing scheme is based on the number of concurrent users accessing BIMcloud at the same time. Each connected user requires a BIMcloud User License. These BIMcloud User Licenses will behave the same way as ARCHICAD floating licenses: If the user closes ARCHICAD or BIMx the BIMcloud User License will be released on the server. BIMcloud is freely scalable without any limitation by installing additional BIMcloud Servers on additional computers.

No, BIMcloud User Licenses require a separate key. BIMcloud Basic can be activated using your GSID.

Yes, BIMcloud can be deployed on both public as well as on private clouds. You can even install BIMcloud on any server computers kept in-house (on-premise).

All BIMcloud components use standard http/https protocols to enable safe, secure access and communication between and among users regardless of their location. Use of http/https standards also helps manage total cost of ownership and avoid additional network infrastructure without any additional hardware or software componenets to be purchased.

No. BIMcloud works on any standard HTTP/HTTPS network connection with or without VPN from any remote location as well. For more information about the BIMcloud’s network setup, please visit our Help Center where new articles dedicated to BIMcloud appear on a regular basis.

No. The BIMcloud is purpose built to tolerate virtually infinite levels fo network latency and therefore eliminate the need and expense of special hardware or software to maintain “real-time” connectivity.

BIMcloud Basic is available in every market where ARCHICAD is available. For the availability of BIMcloud in your country please contact your local GRAPHISOFT Partner.

BIMcloud Basic is available for trial and educational purposes. BIMcloud is only available for commercial uses.

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