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Below, you can find the unified installer for BIMcloud. Use this package to install, extend or update any BIMcloud components (BIMcloud Manager, BIMcloud Server, BIMcloud Delta Cache). After installation, choose a product plan depending on your license. For further information, please consult the BIMcloud product site.


Download and Install BIMcloud


Make sure your computer meets the system requirements

BIMcloud is a 64-bit application that requires:

Download and Install BIMcloud

Available for language versions: INT (support for other language versions is coming soon) 
Last modified: Jun 15, 2018. 
Download BIMcloud (~500 MB) and follow the on-screen prompts:

You can check the detailed Install Guide on HelpCenter .

  • Make sure you have administrator rights on the computer.
  • disable any virus checker for the time of the BIMcloud installation.
  • BIMcloud will be stopped automatically, during the time of updating it, projects will be suspended.
  • On Windows Server operating systems Windows Server Manager application must be closed prior to running the installer.
  • Compatible ARCHICAD versions: ARCHICAD 19 build 8000 and above, ARCHICAD 20 build 6000 and above, ARCHICAD 21 and 22 any build. Starting with BIMcloud 2018 the build number of ARCHICAD and BIMcloud may differ.

Choose your product plan

According to your product plan:

  • BIMcloud Basic users must activate BIMcloud from the BIMcloud Manager browser interface using a GRAPHISOFT ID
  • BIMcloud users with BIMcloud User licenses need to run GRAPHISOFT License Manager Tool to activate their protection key


Previous Updates for older versions


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