BIMx Desktop Viewer

Hyper-models created with GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD can be shared with anyone who has either a mobile or desktop version of BIMx app. The BIMx Desktop Viewer is a native Mac/Win application that allows you to navigate in the virtual architectural project (saved in bimx file format) on desktop computers and notebooks.



Start Edition
Download the BIMx Desktop Viewer.

Note: The BIMx Desktop Viewer application is included in the ARCHICAD package. In case you already have ARCHICAD installed on your computer, you don't need to download and install the BIMx Desktop Viewer.
The installer can be used for each language versions.

Start Edition

Start the installer. The installer wizard will guide you through the installation process.






For detailed description of BIMx, about its menu commands, navigation tools and shorcuts please study the BIMx Desktop Viewer User Guide.
The BIMx Quick Reference Card gives you a quick overview of the application’s keyboard shortcuts.

Language BIMx Desktop Viewer User Guide BIMx Quick Reference Card Last modified
  International English Aug. 1, 2016


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